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Your Luxury Condo: Maintaining like a Proper Gentleman

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There’s much to be said about living in a QC, Pasig, Makati, or Manila luxury condo but seeing as how media expects condo units look like (high end), we assume that not everyone who can afford a condo can keep up with affording to give it that high end look. If you can’t purchase expensive stuff, go for maintenance—clean and comfy can pass for high-end any day and make any home look like a proper gentleman’s abode.

Common Room

Never leave things that ought not to be in the common room in the common room (dirty laundry, used kitchenries, etc). If you have family, friend, or dates coming over, you can’t let them catch private items (or garbage) lying around the same room they’ll be staying in to socialize. Hang a couple of artworks and photographs that could also work as conversation pieces.


Keep this clean (if not the cleanest) and most well-kempt part of your condo. If your other rooms are clean and smell good but your bathroom does not, you’d still be ranked below the gentleman meter. Make sure that you also have supplies for guest ie, liquid soap, shampoo sachets, extra toothbrush etc.


Please do afford an exhaust fan. Condo units are designed to keep the circulation of air inside which means that cooking inside a condo could may be turn your whole condo into a tiled oven. Besides heating up your condo unit, it’s really hard to make the food smell go away once it settles itself on the walls or linen.


Choose a relaxing color and, unlike the popular trend, do let some natural light—this is for your benefit because natural light helps your melatonin levels and your mood. Make sure that you have more than one or two sheets and extra blankets for guests. If dates are going to sleep in your room, it would be very gentlemanly of you to keep a healthy stock of protection in your bed.

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