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We Did the Math: Buying a Lot for Sale in Cavite is the Perfect Investment

How do you think you can start getting more for your money? Buy a house and lot for sale in Cavite! No, seriously. You might be asking yourself “why would I want to spend money when what I need is to make and save hard earned cash?”

Answer: it helps you two ways.

The recent opening of the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway has made the travel between Manila and Cavite that much more convenient which means that you now have access to 2 things, 1) the money making opportunity of Makati that everyone seems to want to have a go at and 2) the cost efficient, if not, comparably cheap cost of living—and you can have it all while paying for your lot for sale in Cavite.

The average paygrade of Makati clocks in at around P 385K yearly.  As a customer representative alone, you can make and entry level salary of worth P 235K a year!

Now let’s look at Cavite cost of living. Compared to Metro Manila estimates, rice cost 2 pesos less per kilo in Cavite. Even beef costs almost 50% more in Metro Manila and utilities like electricity, water, and miscellaneous home functionalities (garbage disposal, cleaning products, heat and cooking) costs 38% more as well. If you aren’t still sold on the values, a square meter of an apartment in condo in Makati costs and astonishing 134,433.00 PESOS! That’s 517% greater than how much it would cost you in Cavite (P26,000, flat).

SO! Taking these averages and doing the necessary math on them, it would seem that you can afford to fully pay for a 30sqm property in a prime location in Cavite in just 5 years. Other people take almost 30 years just to fully pay for a property but imagine, your own real estate investment in just 5 years in the form of a house and lot in Cavite.

All things considered, you must be reading this because you’re already settled with work and are still unsure where to invest. Well, we’ve done the math for you, all you have to do now is invest in a lot for sale in Cavite.

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