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Safety Measures an Establishment Must Employ

As we all know, most of the buildings and rented houses here in the Philippines don’t have fire prevention measurements due to budget constraints.

Below are the equipments a building must have in order to abide the National Building Code of the Philippines:

  • Fire Extinguisher – is an important safety component that must be present and refilled every year.
  • Hose – should be always close to a fire extinguisher and often connected with the building’s water tank.
  • Fire Alarm – it serves as a primary warning device to the people inside the building in case of an emergency. The only disadvantage of a fire alarm is it should be operated manually. In buildings, nowadays, the fire alarm is connected to a smoke detector so that when there is a large bulk of smoke, the fire alarm will work automatically.
  • Smoke Detector – a safety device usually connected to the fire alarm.
  • Water Sprinkler – This is common for luxurious buildings. Water sprinkler is expensive however this is a good investment because it could prevent further fire surge.
  • Fire Exit – This is a must for all buildings, apparently some building owners omit fire exits to maximize the space of their lot.
  • Building Map – The layout of building where you could find fire exits and stairs, this will help the people who are trap inside the building to find the exits. Usually it is located in the building corridor or near the elevator.

Some preventive tips a tenant or a house owner should practice:

  • Prepare a Bag full of Clothes – If in case that there’s a fire, then get that bag that you prepared and get out of the building.
  • Do not put all your money in your house – If in case that your properties are destroyed by fire, you have money that you could use to start your life.
  • Be careful when Cooking – Do not leave the stove when you’re cooking, this is a common mistake that you should handled in the first place. Be watchful on what type of foods or materials you will place in a microwave oven.
  • Be careful with candles or insect repellants – Most of the times, these two are the primary cause of fire in the Philippines. Forgetting to blow the candles before they sleep.
  • Avail only the service of licensed electrician – More often we are letting unlicensed electrician to do the wire installation to save money. Always bear in mind that hiring a licensed electrician will prevent further damage in the building.
  • Smokers need to be extra careful – Sometimes the hot coals of cigarettes may start a fire, especially those irresponsible smokers who just threw away their cigarette butts anywhere.
  • Halogen Lights – Halogen lights heats up quicker compare to other type of bulb.
  • Do not use small wire extensions – One of the most common causes of fire here in the Philippines is the usage of octopus connection.
  • Use a Circuit Breaker – Circuit breaker would be a great help when there is a spark or electricity overload. The circuit breaker will automatically shutdown as soon as it reaches the maximum limit of usage.
  • Do not use electric fan for more than 10 hours a day – Overuse will cause the motor to overheat thus could start a fire.


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