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Reasons to Own a House and Lot Away from Metro Manila

Home is where the heart is. Everybody says that phrase but doesn’t dwell on what makes it so. A home, for the most part, is a shelter that can provide comfort, freedom, and security.

Take a look at Manila. It shows traffic congestion and cramped spaces amidst the skyscrapers.

skyscrapers in Manila

You can rent a house in Manila to get you by.  But it’s merely a shelter, not a home. Why rent when you can buy a house and lot of your own outside the Metro? Here’s an idea, go to Cavite instead. There are plenty of homes for sale there, and you can even find work outside Manila at Suntech iPark in Imus, Cavite, which is practically like BGC. You got better options!

The Probinsya Life

Welcome To Cavite

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have a house and lot of your own in a quiet community away from the hustle and bustle of the big city?

Picture an image of a quaint house surrounded by lush greens and a wonderful neighborhood. It’s quite a sight to behold.

That’s what you’ll get in Cavite. It’s a province that gives you just that. There are plenty of reasons why it can provide you the sanctuary you deserve. The reasons are as follows:

It’s a breath of fresh air (literally)

breath of fresh air

The first thing you’ll notice is the relatively more greens and fewer skyscrapers. You’ll be much farther away from the Metro’s air pollution, and the locale breaks the monotony that you’re accustomed to in the capital. Welcome to the province!

It’s a slow life

slow life in the Province

You can roam around and chill. There’s no early morning rush to the MRT or LRT, you can commute or drive around with occasional (but sometimes heavy) traffic that you can live with, no traffic enforcer lying in wait to slap you a ticket, and you can walk with less fear of getting your stuff snatched. It’s just that Cavitenos are very warm and hospitable so you’re sure to be safe.

Plenty of places for a weekend getaway

places for weekend getaways in Cavite

Owning a house and lot here means you got plenty of awesome destinations to visit on weekends. From Ternate to Kawit, and Imus, Cavite, there are plenty of nature-oriented tourist spots, historical sites, places of worship, grand resorts, casinos, and more to visit at your leisure.

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Job Opportunities

job opportunities in Cavite

Like it was mentioned earlier, you can find work here. The BPO industry is booming at Suntech iPark.

It’s a PEZA accredited commercial, business, and lifestyle district located in Imus, Cavite. There will be no need to travel back and forth to the Metro if you have a house and lot here. Work close, live close.

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Moving in?

A fresh start is just right here waiting for you. The quality of life that you can experience in Cavite is just one of freedom, convenience, and security. It’s not entirely perfect but better than living in Manila in so many ways. For finding a home, Cavite nails it by providing freedom, comfort, and security. Totally a wise choice if you’re looking for a home for sale and ready to be occupied.

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