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Multi-Purpose Furnitures for your Studio type Condo

People are now engaging on investing real estate property such as condominiums in Baguio City. These condominiums were unknown not until the year of 1996 when the condominium act has been enacted that made way to the creation of numerous condominium types which lead to convenience and urbanization. As the demand for such increases, it was then that developers realized to make adjustments on the prices as well as the size to welcome people to a new lifestyle.

A studio type condominium is a small space unit occupied by a single person. This type of condo is ideal in areas wherein rent prices are at its highest rates. To fully maximize the given space, the furniture should be flexible, by flexible meaning all of the items should be multi-purpose.

Chairs, chairs, chairs

There are innovations that made chairs not only good for sitting but for other stuff as well. A one-pc chair could be transformed into a two-pc set. Don’t believe me, take a look at this variety of cool chairs and its functions.

chairsThe Silla Guardia 2-in-1 chair will make you believe that two is better than one. From its unique design of creating an illusion of a single-pc chair producing another chair just by merely detaching the inside redwood core of its structure will make you be guest-ready. This is ideal for condos with minimal space.

This chair would be ideal as a graduation gift to those moving to their own place for its space-saving capabilities and classy yet sleek design that will surely blend in with any modern or vintage home design.

Stonewall-Kitchens-Chair-LadderThe Stonewall Kitchen’s Chair/Ladder changed the game forever. For it being a good place to sit became the best companion to reach high-off objects. Having this around will let you be in control of maximizing the space by adding more shelves on the walls and arranging the items more neatly.

As seen on the image, transforming the chair into a ladder will take you less than a minute. No more worries of having dirt on your chairs, just clean and dual purpose chair.

The sturdy-built chair turned ladder could help you reach 4x higher than your height. Ideal for people with lesser reach capacity.

Offi Paket Table and chairs setWell, technically this is a storage cube turned table turned chair well you get the idea. Offi Paket Table and Chairs set this cleverly designed table and chairs set will be a beautiful addition to your studio type condo. It’s white and orange color combination matches a simple yet playful type of home design.

To use the object, just simply slide up the orange part of the cube detaching it from the cube and could then be turned into a one-person sitting chair.

This type of innovation is ideal for a family living in a small space wherein having a regular-sized table will eat up most of the space.

Bed of possibilities

In this day and age, a bed is not just good for a place to sleep but the excess space could also be good for other opportunities such as storage area. These wonder-filled furnitures will make the space more flexible for more opportunities. Want your bed to smell good all the time? Check a hack here.

Sofa Bed

sofa-bedThis legendary furniture made living more comfortable. Having a two item in one is a great addition to your little cute space.

A sofa bed or also known as hide-a-bed, bed-couch or sleeper sofa made its way to homes changing the image of a plain old sofa into a sofa turned bed. This unique and cost-saving idea have been reproducing and redesign according to the taste of the customers.

From a sprouting idea of making homes more flexible gave birth to this innovation now enabling those people living in a studio-type unit with little space the luxury of having bought a couch and a bed at the same without requiring much space.


Storage beds

Due to the excess space underneath the bed made way to this great idea. Incorporating storage boxes in beds created more free space for other home equipment.

storage-bedA storage bed is basically a bed wherein the bed frames are designed to act as a storage for stuff. This kind of bed enables you to have plenty more space imaginable for other add-in items or make the unit feel spacious and wide.

The storage in the beds could hold stuff such as folded cloth, bags, shoes, and basically anything which could fit on the storage.


Hideaway bed

Hideaway bedThis genius was invented by Sarah E. Goode to comply with the high increase in need of flexible furniture needed by people living in a small unit. The idea was to have a bed and when to fold up turn into something useful such as a table or a shelf when not in use.

This kind of bed is ideal for small unit condo dwellers to maximize the space and at the same have the comfort of a relaxing bed and a workable table or a shelf storage for decorative purposes.


Have the luxury of living in studio-type condo unit without being hassled by the little amount of space available. Your only limit is your imagination. Explore and maybe create something innovative that could make living better.


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