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Maximizing Spaces in Your New Affordable Home in the Philippines

When choosing an affordable yet comfortable home for families in the Philippines, Camella properties usually come first on the list. Located in safe and developed communities in the country, Camella properties help families have their dream home.

While choosing where to invest your hard-earned money, it’s indeed important to look for the things good for the entire family. And when you finally pick the right community—considering all the basic needs and wants of your family—it’s time to dwell in that community and maximize it to its full potential.

Since, space is a crucial thing in line not only for the housing cost but for the comfort of the family, it is good to calculate how much space your family will need. Obviously, if you have a big family (including extended family members who are living with you) a larger space is needed. If you are just starting to build your own family, it doesn’t mean that you’ll need a really smaller space. Pick the affordable home with just enough space where your family and potentially planned new members that won’t feel crowded and will afford everyone the chance to bond with each other.

However, if you think your family would feel congested inside your home, it is time to do some simple architectural hacks to maximize space in your brand new affordable home in the Philippines.

Crack a window open

Big windows let more natural light enter your house. Big open windows also give a perception that the room is bigger leading the eyes outdoor. In a clean community where a Camella property belongs, big windows also let the fresh air come.

Do some built-ins

Got a spare space near the window? You could maximize the space by adding a built-in couch and have it have drawers for additional storage.

In addition, floor-to-ceiling shelves could be placed in empty corners. Floor-to-ceiling shelves could be used to de-clutter the room. It gives additional storage and may serve as book shelves and photo frame compartments. It is advisable to build one in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. It also draws the eyes upward making the ceiling look higher.

Use one scheme light colors

Humans are visual beings, thus, colors tend to affect moods. As colors remain subjective for humans, they also play an important role in architecture. To make your house look spacious, use only one scheme of color (preferably light) in wall, curtains and furniture. Using only a single scheme of colors, light would be able to bounce back. Also, one scheme of color gives us a sense of continuity—making the room appear bigger.

While there are still some architectural design tips you could apply for your new affordable home in the Philippines, maximizing spaces is just a move toward the growth of your family.

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