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Living the Condo Life: Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Buying a Condo

It has been said a million of times that location is one of the deciding factors in purchasing a condo for sale. Probably one of the most popular streets in the Metro when it comes to condos for sale, next to EDSA, is the Roxas Boulevard.  You might be surprised with the amount of notable places that you can find within the extent of the boulevard.

Along its 7.6 km stretch lies some of the most popular attractions such as the Rizal Park, Folks Art Theatre, Manila Film Center, Tanghalang Pambansa, and Star City amusement park. If you are into art and culture, you can find Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Museo Pambata, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Money Museum, and Asian Institute of Maritime Studies Museo Maritimo as suitable places to visit.

Roxas Boulevard is also the home for some government buildings. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance,Philippine Navy, Senate of the Philippines,  and Office of the Vice President of the Philippines can easily be spotted along the boulevard. The embassies of Japan and United States can also be found along Roxas Boulevard. These buildings along with other variety of commodities in the area have made the location a great location to hunt for condos for sale in the Metro.

If one is to be given the chance to live in an area such as Roxas Boulevard, it will be really hard to decline especially if you are going to consider the convenience that the aforementioned infrastructure near it can provide you. But as much as we know how location matters in choosing a condo, we should never disregard another important factor in deciding condos to choose: you!

While it is true that owning a condo has its own sets of advantages, it can also come with some unforeseen hassles. For example, if you hop on too soon into mortgaging a condo unit, it can become more of a financial commitment and can cause you more disadvantages than good.  The following are just some questions you should look through to see if you are ready to live the condo life.

Can you really afford it?
Condos aren’t cheap. One that can be found along Roxas Boulevard or other prime location in the Philippines could really cost a fortune.  While there are some mortgage agreements that will allow you to pay up for a condo on the most convenient way, it will still require long-term commitment.

Is the condo life really the life you that suits your lifestyle?
Some of the people that mostly look into buying condos are retirees, frequent travellers, young professionals, and young couples.  This is because the condo life suits them perfectly. For example, retirees look into living life easier with the commodities available near their condo. The security of a condo can be ideal for frequent travelers. So if you are looking to purchasing a condo, you also consider how well it will suit you.

Will it make you happy?
This is probably the most important question. The benefits of condominium ownership include desirable amenities, reduced maintenance responsibilities and a strong sense of community. And if owning a condo won’t really make you happy, then we can guess that there is no point in getting a condo unit for your own.

These questions do not necessarily cover everything on deciding whether to buy a condo or not. These are just mere guides to help you arrive on a decision that can change your life. So whether you are committing to living a condo life in Roxas Boulevard or not, it may still come with consequences that could make or break you. So decide wisely.

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