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Home Ideas for Couples Living Together

For a couple, whether they’ve been together for a long time or just very recently, living together for the first time might seem like a very exciting prospect. While it might be true that nothing compares to waking up next to the person you love every day, there are things about nominal living that you might overlook. If you haven’t started living in with that special someone just yet, get a hold of an affordable house contractor in the Philippines to help you apply some of these suggestions to your living space.


Home Ideas for Couples



Optimize Fixtures for Tidying Up

When you start living together, how messy or neat someone is will be a line you’ll both be crossing time & again in your relationship. When you aren’t living together, tidiness might not be too much of an issue because at the end of the day or sleepover, you’ll go home to your comfort zone. If you’re living together, that boundary is breached—one’s mess is both your mess. Optimize your home so it’s easy to clean. Choose hardwood or large format tiles as they are easy to sweep and mop. Same goes for table and counter tops; go for affordable laminate because food & cooking spills are easier to clean off of them.



Layout the House to Facilitate and Ease Chores

Speaking of tidying up, when you start living together, you’ll be looking after yourself and each other. Not minding dirty dishes, letting dirty laundry pile up, forgetting to take out the trash, not putting things back the way they were—these are all things that one of you might easily overlook doing which the other might get worked up about.


Layout the House

Your dirty laundry hamper should be where you would easily see it by but won’t be easily seen by guests. Choose a kitchen sink that’s big enough for two people; you don’t need to do dishes at the same time but you have space to do things simultaneously, like handwash delicates. One instant and easy fix to leaving out chores? Put up a reminder board with schedules, and time checks  for everything like when to do dishes, turn off the stove gas tank, which day does the garbage get collected, payment due date for bills, and even throw in contact information for utilities like water & LPG delivery, emergency number, and so on. This way neither of you forget that there are things that need to be done.



Areas for Alone Time

Living in means there’s no longer just “you”; everything is “us”. Almost all things will be about both of you and this could wear you down in the long run. Before you hire an affordable house contractor in the Philippines, make sure to talk with your partner that you’ll both be spending “me time” despite being together just so no one suddenly feels isolated with any self-necessary reconstitutions.


Have a space that is appropriate for a single person where occupying such space would require functional separation. One idea could be an office desk at home but it could also be as simple as a solitary chair by the overlooking window. Alone time doesn’t have to be apart, but it has to feel as personal as it can.



Pay attention to your bathroom & wardrobe

Lastly, as a couple living together, the most privacy you can have is in the comfort of your own bathroom. If anything, you can have 2 sinks in the bath but that’s about it; everything else has to keep in mind that, aside from intimate moments, bathroom time is private time. have a vanity or medicine cabinet that clearly sets apart your toiletries and products; think of these are extensions of your personal space.


In the same way that you need to keep your toiletries apart, make sure that you have a wardrobe that not only fits both your clothes together but also can capably separate them so have an affordable house contractor in the Philippines fix you up with a bath that has a sense of privacy but also feels homey to both of you.


Moving in together will not be the happy ending to your life as a couple—far from it! It’s actually the start of a new adventure together filled with its own exciting parts and, more often than not, challenges. Take these considerations to heart when designing the new home you both will live in and drop us a comment if it helped enrich your lives as partners!



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