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Cost of Living: A Reason to buy a House and Lot for Sale in Batangas

There has been a long standing stereotype about Manila as the sort of go-to place for everyone who has their own Filipino version of the “American Dream”.  Nothing wrong with that, living in Manila has its own perks but costs more as opposed to living in the suburban Batangas.

Buying a house and lot for sale in Batangas would entail living in the southern province and probably finding a job there too—and yes, there is difference in paygrade. Here are some jobs and their corresponding rate per annum:


Job Batangas
(salary per annum)
Manila (salary per annum)  Difference
Customer Service Representative 180,000 237,000 24% Lesser
Registered Nurse 118,000 174,000 32% Lesser
Accountant 324,000 266,000 21% Greater

Data from

The numbers indeed look a lot promising for Manila employees but even the data shows that Accounting personnel are paid more in Batangas than in Manila, and even then, a 24% and 32% will stop sounding so bad if you consider cost of living.

Even on the cost of utilities, to include electricity, water, garbage, and others, a difference of some 35% can be observed at the rate of Php4,300 for Manila and Php2,800 for Batangas. In a year, that’s a savings of Php18,000 on one aspect alone. And you don’t also have to worry about traffic if you decide to buy a house and lot for sale in Batangas—consequently, the traffic in Manila can cost an employee 1,000 hours spent on the road or an equivalent of 125 work days that of 8 hours each. If you’re an accountant in Manila, with a daily rate of Php1200, you’ll be missing out on 150,000php worth of your time!

Lastly, health and safety are improved when living in Batangas. One need not worry about being exposed to pollution or being faced with suspicious activities when walking around the development as there is more than 80% certainty of safety as opposed to Manila’s 50% chances, according to ____ study.

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