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Comparison of the Real Estate Scenario in Mumbai and Bangalore

Every city has its own distinct characteristics. No two cities are similar.  There are of course some points based on which a comparison can be drawn. Given the economic and the commercial scenario of the country, there has been a healthy competition between Indian cities and this competition is good; it has led to the development of the country as a whole and has brought a drastic improvement in the lives of the people.  There is a competition about the development of infrastructure, to attract more and more companies to come to the city. This would lead to generation of new and more employment opportunities that will lead to the migration of people in search of livelihood. This migration would lead to increased demands and will in turn lead to the development of the economic scenario.

When it comes to the comparison between cities, the real estate is one industry which gives a fairly good idea about the city. The development of a city is more or less directly proportional to the growth of real estate in the city. The growth of real estate signifies that the city has a bigger housing need—for obvious reasons—due to the spur in the commercial activities of the city.

Mumbai and Bangalore are two cities which are often compared. So before buying a luxury villa in Mumbai or Bangalore, a few factors should be kept in mind. Both have their own charm and other distinct characters: while Mumbai is the financial capital of India, Bangalore is the IT hub of India.  While Mumbai has been an abode to finance and manufacturing professionals, Bangalore has long opened its gates to IT and start-up companies. The real estate scenario is also different in the two cities. When compared, it won’t be unfair to say that Bangalore enjoys a slight advantage over Mumbai. There are quite a few reasons for that: firstly, Bangalore has lot more space to offer for the development of real estate projects than Mumbai. The price of the land is lower in Bangalore when compared to Mumbai. This also plays a very important role. Secondly, when the affordability factor comes in, Bangalore has a higher score than Mumbai. Projects in Bangalore are designed to suit the needs of the junior and mid-level executives who work in the start-ups and the IT companies. Going by many experts, it is believed that Bangalore property market is based on actual end-user demand. Due to its expanding business scene, the real estate market is also developing. Owning a luxury villa in Mumbai and owning a luxury villa in Bangalore are two very different experiences altogether.

If you are looking to buy a luxury villa in Bangalore then the Value Designbuild Willow Farm Villa is a great choice. The residential project is located in Whitefield Bangalore. The project has a lot of amenities to offer to its residents. Location wise, Value Designbuild Willow Farm Villa is approximately at 3.0 Kms from Old Airport Road and ~3.4 Kms from I T P L Main Road. Whitefield has become a major hub for the Indian technology industry, thereby becoming a major part of Greater Bangalore. Whitefield has witnessed a tremendous growth of IT and SEZs. Owing to new industries coming, the infrastructure has also developed to cater the needs of the growing industries. The growing infrastructure has lured in many investors into real estate and the surge in real estate related activities clearly point to that.

The International Tech Park, Bangalore (more commonly known as ITPL) in Whitefield is one of the country’s first information technology parks.

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