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Millennial and Home-owning

The infographic pits the pros and cons between owning your own home and renting one from a landlord. This data is concurrent to the status of house ownership, total residential property values, and other factors that exist in the UK, comparing the average price of one of these houses as of last year. We then…

Safety Measures an Establishment Must Employ

As we all know, most of the buildings and rented houses here in the Philippines don’t have fire prevention measurements due to budget constraints. Below are the equipments a building must have in order to abide the National Building Code of the Philippines: Fire Extinguisher – is an important safety component that must be present…

5 Tips on How to Save for Your Dream Home


The holiday season has just ended and we all know how Filipinos tend to overspend for the holidays, especially during Christmas, as it is one of those few holidays that we get to see our loved ones. If you are one of those who overspends during the holidays, fear not because it is never too…