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Infographic: A Guide to Buying a Home in Ireland

The Irish property market is on an upward curve again after several years of steep decline following the collapse of the country’s economy in the late 2000’s. While a gradual improvement in Ireland’s overall economy has helped, there are other factors in the strengthening of the housing market. A decision by the Irish government in…

5 Tips on How to Save for Your Dream Home


The holiday season has just ended and we all know how Filipinos tend to overspend for the holidays, especially during Christmas, as it is one of those few holidays that we get to see our loved ones. If you are one of those who overspends during the holidays, fear not because it is never too…

Do-it-yourself: Pokémon Planters as your Home Decor

House and lot owners in San Fernando Pampanga will tell you that, just recently, trees along McArthur Highway, the main road that cuts across Bulacan and Pampanga, have all been pruned. According to the city’s Environment and Natural Resource Office, these trees, if not managed, could be threats to public safety especially now that more…