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Are You Ready for a Condo-Kind of Living?

Not all of us can afford to buy a condominium unit. People are quick to assume that only the rich and famous can have one. However, they don’t know how a potential buyer analyze and weigh the consequences before deciding to look for a condo unit.

Is it really worth the time, money, and effort to own such luxurious type of housing? Well, Megaworld Corporation and its subsidiary, Megaworld Makati CBD, the country’s prime builder of residential condominiums, won’t be diligent enough building condominiums in the key locations inside Makati Central Business District if no one is interested. The numerous projects accomplished by many real estate companies is an actual proof that condo living is still in demand. One of their recent projects is the Paseo Heights located at Salcedo Village, is a modern 30-story condominium.

What are the advantages of having a condo unit that buyers consider it as a worthy investment? Buyers like professionals consider it as their second home. Enjoying the amenities and rewards offered by its management.

One of the factors a buyer considers when procuring a condo unit is the distance of the building to and fro work. You will be relieve of the stress commuting during rush hours and enjoy the practicality of walking. What is the use of owning a unit if the commute will be an added burden to your list of expenses?

Condominiums are always strategically close to commercial establishments like church, school, grocery store, hospital, dining and shopping establishments. They are blocks away from malls or shopping centers that are plentiful in Makati City. You will not get bored because you can just simply walk to the source of recreation and entertainment facilities.

Moreover, it is also near at different modes of transportation like taxis, PUVs, and MRT, whichever is more convenient for you.

Condo living has its ups and downs plus you must be financially stable so you can afford one. It also depends on the owner on how he can utilize wisely the advantages of living in a condominium.

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