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Activating your Home’s Good Feng Shui for 2019

As big believers of the big role that luck and fortune plays in our lives, Filipinos are a people very attuned to Feng Shui so much so that house renovation contractors in the Philippines as well as architects and interior designers have incorporated the principles of Feng Shui in most building or home design.


Feng Shui is mostly oversimplified as the rearrangement of home object and making them face certain directions to help good fortune flow. While that isn’t totally wrong, it also isn’t completely accurate. Feng Shui is the art of placement. This art originated from China and eventually became the reason for the discovery of things such as the modern compass. Because of this, it’s considered a pseudo-science which principles are still made relevant until present day so much so that it is a major consideration in modern commercial & domestic architecture as well as professional interior design. There are many branches and types of Feng Shui as the discipline has grown deeper through the years, but today, we’ll be discussing tips using the Flying Star Feng Shui formula.


The coming 2019 is going to be the Year of the Earth Pig. The Flying Star Feng Shui is a formula that is easy to apply to any home that is already built (some builders apply a different Feng Shui formula as early as the drafting of the house). The basics of Flying Star Feng Shui include dividing the parts of the house into their geographic compartments and designating the appropriate Flying Star for each are for that year.


Home’s Good Feng Shui for 2019

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The following areas of the house as mapped out have corresponding numbers that are determined by Feng Shui calendar and numerological correspondences. These are what they call the Flying Stars.


Flying Stars


After you’ve determined which part of the house aligns with which flying star, you can now hire house renovation contractors in the Philippines to make changes to your house that will activate the good stars and balance out the bad Feng Shui. You can also do the renovations yourself!


Positive Stars


#1 – West; The Favorable Star: associated with reputation & social status. You may activate this star by placing the red dragon or the dragon turtle in the area. By staying in this area more often, you might find yourself being acknowledged more frequently by your boss and colleagues. Activating this star also helps you win over your competition and might help you get a salary increase.

#4 – North; Romance & Academic Star: associated with arts and literature, as well as education and relationships. Putting rose quartz in this section of the house as well as abacus enhances both the romance and educational element of the star for good academic grades as well as lasting relationship with your partner or spouse.

#6 – East; The Celestial Star: associated with power, status, and authority. Put 6 crystals inside a money bar, put up a wind chime with 6 or 8 chimes, as well as display a Ru Yi to enhance this star. Experts warn about having a bed in this section of the house since it might induce a sense of loneliness or trigger sudden changes.

#8 – Center; The Prosperity Luck Star: associated with direct cash flow. The best activators of this star are the popular happy Buddha, money frog, golden elephant, and money tree. You can increase luck further with a citrine stone.

#9 – North West; The Multiplicative Star: this star amplifies the properties of the other stars. It’s associated with good tidings, happy occasions in family or in work, as well as popularity & beauty. This is a part of the house where you may try to do something new like start a business or discover a new hobby. Put metal and money coins a swell as the prosperity pig & wealth-inviting cat here.


Negative Stars


#2 – North East; Illness Star: as the name implies, it is directly affective of health problems and sickness. You may balance this out with salt which is good news for homes that have their kitchen in the north east sector of the house. However, the Wu Lou and the longevity peach might also help to improve the balancing of this negative star.

#3 – South; The Quarrelsome Star: associated with arguments, conflicts, and misunderstanding. As much as possible, the water element must be avoided in this sector. Sadly, for our example above, it’s the sector with the bath tub. This can be balance out with introduction of home fire elements like candles and blow-dryer. You may also introduce a victory star and a white victory horse in the area as a counter for the negative star.

#5 – South West; Bad Luck Star/5 Yellow Misfortune Stars: associated with overall bad luck/considered the most dangerous side of the house. Best to avoid too much activity in the area. In the illustration, we can see that the bed is situated in this region. It may be moved to replace the TV so that activity is minimized in this area. The 5 element pagoda is believed to shield the owner from the 5 yellow stars of misfortune.

#7 – South East; The Robbery Star: associated with impulsivity, theft, cheating, and robbery. You may remedy this with the blue rhino statue that is used mainly for protection. The anti-evil eye charm will protect you from the thought of cheating as well as being cheated on.


Of course, these decisions are all best left to the foremost expert on what is comfortable and convenient—you. Only contact a house renovation contractor in the Philippines or start doing DIY Feng Shui if you can afford it as well as if it will be practical for your lifestyle for the rest of 2019.


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