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9 Must-Have Tools for Every DIY Project

Do you want to build a… customized furniture? Did you prepare the right tools to begin with?  The task of completing a toolset is easy. The important thing is you know what tools you need. The level of your experience doesn’t matter because even experts start right from scratch, the basics. Before you run to the nearest hardware store, take this list with you. Some of the tools below are what you might need to start your DIY project.

  1. Claw Hammer = an obvious selection with a two-in-one function. Drives nails and removes it using its “claws”.
  1. Tape Measure = a one-meter length should do and choose a retractable, lockable and stiff type.
  1. A Set of Pliers = long nose for bending wires; cutting pliers, for – yes – cutting; and an insulated one for electrical projects.
  1. A Set of Screwdrivers = pick up #1, #2, and #3 Phillips screwdrivers. For versatility, buy a multi-purpose screwdriver with exchangeable heads.
  1. Utility Knife = a general-purpose cutting tool and must be retractable for your safety. A utility knife or shears is also a handy all-purpose tool.
  1. Adjustable Wrench = need to fit those nuts and bolts, this is your guy. If you’re not working on a DIY project you can use this for plumbing, auto and bicycle repairs.
  1. Cord or Cordless Drill = see to it that it functions as a driver as well. Cords provide longer power duration in a limited distance. The latter offers flexibility but watch out the battery indicator.
  1. Levels = it is better to set it aligned and straight than doing it all over again.
  1. Different Types of Tapes = this can be a temporary solution to “stick” or “snap” things together as well. Keep a duct, Teflon, and an electrical tape.
  1. Flashlight = so you can peek in hard to reach areas and when you’re working at night.
  1. A Set of Screws and Nails = don’t depend on what is on the box alone. For emergency purposes, buy an assortment of screws and nails.
  1. Putty Knife = for a clean canvass, use this to scrape painting or wallpaper. An obvious application of this is to spread sealants or putty.
  1. Handsaw = you can’t depend solely on a utility knife, especially if you’re going to cut wood or pipes.
  1. Safety Glasses = whether you’re a newbie or not this is a must-have piece. You don’t want to be blind because of carelessness. If we may insist, add a safety mask and gloves, too.
  1. Toolbox = a key to a successful DIY-er is orderliness and has a systematized way of doing things. And yes, to store all the tools we mentioned above.

As a bonus, we would like to share few smart “tools” below. First, do you have your smartphone or iPhone with you? Okay, you’re ready to download.

  • Carpenter = for Apple users, this app functions as a level, ruler and protractor.
  • Smart Tools = Carpenter’s Android counterpart. You can use this as a ruler, measure, compass, metal detector, sound meter, unit converter, flashlight and magnifier.
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