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7 Organizing Tips to Make Your RFO Home Back-to-School Ready

After buying that ready for occupancy house and lot in the vibrant city of Parañaque, a thought suddenly pops in your mind: summer is almost over. This only means that the kids’ vacation days are coming to a close and it’s yet again that time of year when they head back to school and start another school year. The papers will again start piling up, there’s the constant preparation of food and regular laying out of school clothes—basically, go back to being hectic. Don’t fret! Here are 7 ways to make sure that your newly bought home is not only ready for occupancy but also back-to-school ready.


Make a DIY family bulletin board and calendar

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Not only is making a family bulletin board slash calendar functional, but it’s also pleasant to the eyes. Turn that bleak and empty wall into a spot where you could check up on your family’s day-to-day activities.  Post school functions, food menus and meetings. Utilize the panel and make it a one-stop shop for family time management. Use clipboards with vibrant and playful backgrounds to make the room a little brighter.


Fill your snack station with healthy food items

healthy food items rack

Make sure that the snacking station is reachable by everyone. Snacks like nuts, fruits, peanut butter and bread, granola bars, oats and breadsticks are healthy edibles that your kids should nibble on. They are nutritious and appetizing at the same time. Instead of buying sugary treats and junk food, buy these instead.


Organize your kids’ closet

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The good thing about purchasing an RFO house in Parañaque during this season means having the freedom to design the house way you want it. Everything is new so it’s the perfect time to put some perspective into your house―particularly in your kids’ closet. There are three things that you should do when arranging it: sort things according to their use, maximize spaces by using bins and boxes, and label everything!  This can also serve as a means of bonding with your youngin’.


Sort out the contents of your fridge

sorted contents fridge

Aside from encouraging your family to eat healthy, this can also be a strategy for a more organized fridge. Make sure that your kids’ lunch box items are placed in front so they won’t have to shuffle and mix up the groupings. Portion your food into small containers during weekends so that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time preparing them during weekdays.


Make room for a study space

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It’s not enough that you construct a study space; it has to be conducive to learning as well. Make sure that the area is well-lit, quiet and comfortable. Fill the space with books and school supplies so your kids won’t be distracted while working on a project or homework.


Bring out those filing systems

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Paper work is inevitable most especially during this season. Don’t let files turn into a big, unorganized pile! Organizers are your best friend when it comes to properly stacking your children’s artworks, important files and memorabilia.


Fix that Laundry Problem


For a more trouble-free laundry process, it’s best if you keep your kids’ uniform hanging on a rack in or near the laundry room instead of their bedrooms. With this simple trick, your kids only have to make short trips to the laundry area instead of you hauling uniforms back and forth to their rooms!

Moving into your newly bought, ready for occupancy house and lot in Parañaque and getting it ready for the back-to-school season may all seem a bit overwhelming but don’t worry; as long as you’re prepared for what’s ahead, it will all just be a breeze.


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