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4 Essential Home Starter Tips for Newlywed Couples

As the knots are now officially tied, all that’s left is to start a new life with your spouse. The life-changing decisions, such as buying your dream house and lot, might have taken its toll on you, but this is only the beginning. There are much more fun and stressful challenges that will come to your married life, and this includes setting up your home.

Every newlywed couples go through the adjustment phase. From decorating the house alone, the differences in your preferences may already prove a challenge. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to settle those differences and get your new home ready for a wonderful family life.

Define your preferences

Are you a minimalist? Does your spouse like it grand? How about your favorite colors? Are you comfortable with noises creeping in your home office? Is your spouse a morning person? How about the accessories? Do you prefer a certain theme from a certain fandom? Asking all these questions should define your preferences, which will help you decide on the look of your home.

Meet halfway for the decorations

Once you have defined the styles you want, it is time to talk about combining those to decorate the house. Remember that marriage is all about team effort. It is important that you meet halfway to achieve that home feel you both want. To do that, find an inspiration from design magazines or Pinterest references, talk about it and determine which elements match your preferences.

It is also recommended that you seek a professional designer’s advice for the final touch of your home decorations and to maximize the space. Hiring interior designers can help merge opposing decorating styles seamlessly, which will save you from further costly mistakes and legwork.

Perform an inventory

While at it, doing an inventory should help you identify the things you need and discard some unnecessary items as you move in your new property. Since you received many new items as wedding gifts, you can already replace the old ones. This will not only lighten your load, but will also help the decorations to stay faithful to the look you are going for.

It is also worth remembering to keep your wedding gifts boxed up until you move in your new house. Unpacking and repacking them when it is time to move can be a lot of hassle, so resist the temptation unless you’re all settled to your new home.

Consider your children’s safety

Aside from taking your preferences into consideration, you should also prioritize the safety of your future kids. Creating a child-friendly home is the best advice we can give for newlyweds, as parents don’t want their precious little ones to hurt themselves.

Rounded furniture, area rugs and vinyl floorings are only a few features of a kid-friendly house. You can learn more about making homes safe here.

Decorating that house and lot a is only the beginning of the many decisions you are about to make with your spouse. While your tastes and opinions may sometimes differ, keep in mind that compromises are needed to make sound decisions in your married life. As newlywed couples, remember that teamwork is the key to go a long way towards your journey to forever.

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